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Free your sound

Color: black - red


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BOOMSTER GO Schwarz von Teufel


Bluetooth Frontansicht

Why we love this product

You no longer have to leave your beloved Teufel sound at home. The BT BAMSTER will follow you to the ends of the earth.

Key advantages at a glance

  • Mobile Bluetooth soundbar with aluminium enclosure
  • Data can be accessed wirelessly or via stereo cables
  • Progressive double bass system for deep, powerful bass
  • True stereo for precise, multi-dimensional sound reproduction
  • Integrated hands-free function for mobile phone calls via Bluetooth
  • A total of 4 drivers (2 made from aluminium) ensure high, distortion-free levels


Bluetooth Frontansicht


Aluminium soundbar in a practical mini format that with a robust feel and powerful sound. A progressive double bass system delivers excellent sound quality with a strong bass. The BT Bamster has an 8 hour battery allowing it to be tossed in a bag and brought along to picnics, lazy days in the park, or wherever superior sound is needed.

  • Description Item
    Width 30 cm
    Height 5.2 cm
    Depth 4.4 cm
    Weight 0.59 kg
  • Description Item
    Analogue inputs 1
    Bluetooth Yes
    Bluetooth aptX Yes
    USB 2.0 Yes
  • Description Item
    Battery type Lithium polymer
    Power supply voltage 230 V
    Automatic on/off Yes
    Maximum power consumption 10 W
    Safety class 2
    Standby-Function Yes
    Standby-Power consumption 0.4 W
    Amplifier configuration 2.0
    Amplifier technology Class D
    Amplifier channels 2
    Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Satellite 3 W
  • Description Item
    Cabinet material Aluminum
    Magnetic shielding Yes
    Integrated stand Yes
    Wide-band drivers (per enclosure) 2
    Wide-band driver (diameter) 32.00 mm
    Wide-band driver (material) cellulose
    Woofer (number per enclosure) 2
    Woofer (diameter) 56 mm
    Woofer (material) Aluminium
    Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 5 W
    Frequency range 90 - 20000 Hz
    Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 15 W
    Maximum sound pressure level 83 dB/1m
    Acoustic principle 2-way-system
    Enclosure type Closed



Included components

  • 1 × Cable Mini-USB to USB and 3,5-mm-Klinke BT BAMSTER
  • 1 × power adapter for Bamster BT