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Easy on the ears

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Bluetooth AIRY

Why we love this product

The AIRY is the very embodiment of versatility and provides Hi-Fi sound anytime, anywhere. We have carefully optimised and refined our Bluetooth on-ear headphones for the second generation edition.

Bluetooth AIRY

Key advantages at a glance

  • On-ear, wireless, lightweight Bluetooth headset with linear HD drivers and effective external noise reduction
  • New: run-time of up to 30 h, longer Bluetooth range of up to 12 m, lower bass levels, better fit and materials, foldable headset
  • Bluetooth with apt-X® for wireless transmission in CD-quality
  • Integrated speakerphone for wireless calling, Skype, Facetime and voice control via Google and Siri
  • Control buttons on the earpiece for music, volume & phonecalls
  • 40 mm linear HD driver with neodymium magnets for fine resolution sound with deep, precise bass
  • Sturdy headset with soft and ventilated ear cushions, low contact pressure, suitable for long listening sessions and glasses-wearers
  • Interchangeable earpiece rings in red, yellow and green. Can also be connected by cable, quick charging function, includes carrying bag
(4.53 of 5 out of 290)
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Sound wins

The same engineers who develop our high-end speaker systems here in Berlin are also responsible for the sound of the AIRY. The new AIRY picks up where its predecessor left off. It now offers even deeper bass and a better resolution. The tonal tuning is particularly balanced - making the AIRY suitable for every genre, from rock to pop and classical to jazz.

40 mm linear HD drivers
Ensures high, distortion-free volume on any device.
Copper-plated aluminium voice coil
Provides high volumes with high impulse fidelity and low distortion.
Teufel Bluetooth null AIRY
Good external sound insulation
Hardly any disturbance from the outside world.
Neo-dymium magnets
They are particularly light, but powerful for high levels.
Removable cushions
Ultra soft, durable and easy to clean.

A design that fits with your lifestyle

We have carefully optimised the design of the AIRY so that it not only looks good, but is also highly practical.
Teufel Bluetooth null AIRY

Icon - Brille

Suitable for glasses-wearers
Thanks to the soft padding, the AIRY is the perfect partner even for those who wear glasses.

Icon - 165g leicht

Fur longer and more comfortable listening sessions.

Icon - Pflegeleicht

Easy to clean
All the AIRY components are easy to clean, so this accessory always looks good.

Icon - Fallgeprüft

Flexible and robust
The AIRY has been drop tested from a height of 1.5 metres. The special highly flexible plastic ensures dimensional stability even at high or low temperatures.

Icon - Belüftung

Due to the supra-aural design, your ears always remains well ventilated.

Wireless sound at its best

Our products guarantee a clean, stable Bluetooth connection with minimal power consumption. Ranges of over 10 metres can be achieved.

Funktioniert für Systeme mit Android.

Stream music, film sound or games from your smartphone, tablet, notebook, PC or Mac.
Enjoy the best sound whatever way you like to.

On the lips sound

Video sound from e.g. YouTube or other apps and games is smooth and lip-synchronized.

Teufel Bluetooth null AIRY

You can give commands to Siri and Google Voice via the microphone on the cable remote even with your smartphone still in your pocket.

Siri, play me something from Daft Punk!
OK Google, when is the next flight to Berlin?
Siri, call Mum.
OK Google, turn up the volume.
Teufel Overear Kopfhörer REAL BLUE

Connect and control

The AIRY comes with a physical volume control and sturdy operation buttons.

Volume control
Teufel Bluetooth null AIRY Bedienung
Charge via USB port
Teufel Bluetooth null AIRY
Play, pause, skip and back
Teufel Bluetooth null AIRY
Connection for included headphone cable
Teufel Bluetooth null AIRY Kabel

    As colourful as Berlin

    The AIRY is available in either black or white, and comes with interchangeable rings in green, yellow and red.
    Teufel Bluetooth Schwarz AIRY
    Teufel Bluetooth Weiß AIRY
    Teufel Bluetooth Weiß AIRY
    Teufel Bluetooth Weiß AIRY
    Teufel Bluetooth Schwarz AIRY
    Teufel Bluetooth Schwarz AIRY
    Teufel Bluetooth Weiß AIRY
    Teufel Bluetooth Schwarz AIRY
    Teufel Bluetooth Schwarz AIRY


    With a running time of up to 30 hours*, the AIRY provides you with great sound day or night. It can be recharged within 3 hours via your mobile phone power supply or laptop.

    Teufel Bluetooth null AIRY
    Teufel AIRY weiß Kopfhoerer


    The AIRY comes with everything you need: cable, travel bag and charging cable.
    Teufel Bluetooth null AIRY Lieferumfang

    Included components

    • 1× cloth bag for Airy NG
    • 1× 3 x 2 color cap ring (red, yellow, green)
    • 1× Mini-jack 3.5mm connector cable (1.3 m)
    • 1× AIRY
    Bluetooth AIRY


    • Bluetooth AIRY Schwarz von Teufel


      On-ear, wireless, light-weight Bluetooth headset with linear HD drivers

      • Description Item
        Weight 0.17 kg
      • Description Item
        Bluetooth microphone Yes
        Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
        Miscellaneous Integrated microphone for headset function (Bluetooth only)
        Bluetooth aptX Yes
        Bluetooth 4.2 aptX®
        Bluetooth Yes
        Speakerphone function Yes
        Miscellaneous Micro USB Anschluss (nur Akku laden)
      • Description Item
        Android Yes
        Microsoft Yes
        iOS Yes
      • Description Item
        Battery type Lithium-Polymer
        Automatic on/off Yes
        Standby-Function Yes
      • Description Item
        Cable length 1,38 m
      • Description Item
        Enclosure material Kunststoff
        Enclosure surface Matt, lackiert
        Broadband loudspeakers (number per enclosure) 1
        Broadband loudspeakers (diameter) 40.00 mm
        Broadband loudspeakers (material) Neodymium
        Maximum sound pressure level 94 dB/1m
        Miscellaneous Max. sound pressure according to EN50332-1 = 100 dB

    Expert reviews

    Product Ratings
    (4.53 of 5 out of 290)
    Expensive you the name Teufel?
    Whether the price is justified? I don't know, for me it would be if the article remains in function for at least 10 years and more. They've been running for 2 months now and I'm very satisfied so far. If they still work and are in good condition in > 5 years, I'll give them a 5-star rating 😉
    The previous model was already great! But here we have added another layer of perfection - no negative criticism. This model is simply perfect! Especially the price-performance ratio.
    (automatically translated *)
    On the whole, I am satisfied. The sound is good for me and not audible to others. Shortcoming: in the gym during some exercises it is a bit wobbly.the volume wheel is a bit cheap.otherwise everything is tutti.LG
    Airy und Apple TV
    I use the headphones exclusively to watch films and series from streaming providers via my Apple TV. After several attempts with other, cheaper, headphones, the Airy is the first that works with Bluetooth without any problems. After the very first pairing, the connection works best if you first switch on the Apple TV and then the Airy. When you switch it off, it works in the opposite order. The Airy plays back the sound perfectly lip-synced. The sound is very good for me (but I'm not an audiophile).I was a little sceptical about the feel of the Airy because of the contrary experiences of other users. Yes, the Airy are quite tight when you put them on, but I always get over that feeling quickly and wearing the headphones for a long time doesn't cause me any problems. However, my head shouldn't be any bigger, because the Airy just fits perfectly when extended. All in all, I am very satisfied with the Airy and glad to have finally found the perfect headphones for my Apple TV.
    For the GYM
    My old Onears had it behind them, they were only for 50,- advantage they were light and if they fell down it was not dramatic.After a little searching I decided on the Airy headphones.Prerequisite was the headphones should be light, not slip off my head on the treadmill / during normal exercises, somewhat dampen the ambient noise, be black and of course the sound should be good so that I can also enjoy my music.Conclusion I am quite satisfied with my choice, and would not want to miss these headphones (good sound volume). From my point of view, the price-performance ratio is okay.Why I did not give 5 stars, because I lack an app for manual sound settings, therefore only 4.PS: from my girlfriend's point of view, the sound is great!
    Sound reproduction natural and pleasant - fit and operation with weaknesses
    First test in comparison with the TEUFEL SUPREME ON, which is 10 EUR more expensive, was uncomfortable to wear. With my head circumference (hat size 63) and with the elements of the headband pulled out to the maximum, the ear caps still fit acceptably, but the pressure on the head is increased. The volume control via the knurled wheel is simple and works. The folding of the lower two parts with the ear capsules resting on them is well solved. Unfortunately, a suitable hard case for transport is missing. The small bag supplied is not suitable for protected transport. The TEUFEL REAL BLUE NC comes with a suitable hard case with zipper. The reproduction quality in the treble and bass is pleasant and natural. From the sound experience point of view, I am satisfied, but the fit and control of the functions with Bluetooth connection do not meet my requirements.Unfortunately, I have to make use of my 8-week right of return after this first test. I assume that, as with the reliable and fast purchase processing and delivery, the refund after the return will also be handled just as well. I will keep the TEUFEL SUPREME ON after my first test, despite some weaknesses in the operation. Unfortunately, there is no perfect headphone for me that combines my requirements for wearing comfort and operation with a pleasant natural sound in the reproduction in one device.
    Simply top!
    Super long battery life, good sound and very comfortable to wear even over long periods of time.
    (automatically translated *)
    Good headphones with pleasant sound
    is already my second Airy!colossal battery life, balanced soundbeautiful, simple designone drop of bitterness: there is no longer a proper case, but only a fabric pouch
    (automatically translated *)
    Very good headphones
    I use the headphones almost every day, at work, while jogging or cooking. I mostly listen to music, but occasionally also podcasts and audio books. The sound experience is very good for my requirements. It was important to me that background noises are not completely gone, but only muffled.The headphones are very easy to wear. The operation is very simple and also the connection with different end devices worked intuitively and without problems. So far, I am completely satisfied with the headphones.
    An enthusiastic customer
    Prompt delivery and high quality, more is not possible-super
    (automatically translated *)
    * Automatically translated by DeepL