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Micro/Mini Speakers

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16 Products


You've always wanted to know what's behind the terms and designations of the audio world? Then take a look at our audio glossary. Here you will find a short and concise explanation of, for example, bi-amping, bi-wiring, impedance and ohms.

Micro/mini speakers from Teufel - small in size, big in sound

Smaller sound systems can still pack a punch with great acoustics despite their small design. A micro speaker system is an unobtrusive and effective way to bring a bigger sound into your home you can watch movies or listen to music with ease. Thanks to their smaller size, and compact size, they are a great alternative option to soundbars and bigger speaker systems to bring a powerful, surround sound into your home without sacrificing space. In most use cases, mini speakers are built-in and used as satellite speakers in larger sound systems. A satellite speaker is a speaker that is placed behind, or at the side of the listener. A great-sounding home cinema does not necessarily require large speakers. At home, for the real cinema feeling, you need a home cinema sound system with good surround sound.

Using mini speakers as satellite speakers work

Instead of a surround sound system with large 3-way speakers or a soundbar, you can also include mini speakers as satellite speakers in larger speaker systems. The art of discreet home cinema is to offer balanced sound quality and surround sound in the most compressed dimensions possible. We offer sound-strong micro speakers, for every situation. Whether you prefer a cosy evening at the cinema with the family or a night of gaming. With our stylish micro speakers, which can be elegantly integrated into any living room landscape, you can turn every evening into a sound experience. Thanks to the small casing of the mini speakers, you are free to decide whether you want to place them on existing furniture and shelves or use wall brackets or stands. In combination with the subwoofer, home cinemas with micro speakers offer you a good sound alternative to systems with large floor-standing speakers.

Mini speakers instead of 3-way speakers

Mini speakers as satellite speakers function similarly to large floor-standing speakers. The biggest difference between the sound systems is in the enclosure and the associated speaker size. While large 3-way speakers have enough internal volume in the cabinet to reproduce bass, micro speakers or micro speakers have a much smaller internal volume and therefore cannot reproduce bass. Many home cinemas with mini speakers, therefore, consist of so-called two-way speakers. For the low tones, i.e. the bass, there must always be a subwoofer. In-home theatres, the signals are usually separated in advance in the AV receiver, so that each loudspeaker receives and reproduces only the audio signal intended for it. Active subwoofers also offer the option of emphasising certain frequency ranges of the bass or not reproducing them (high-pass and low-pass filters).

How do I position my speaker correctly?

To achieve a good sound result, the surround sound speakers should at best be placed at a height of about 1.50 m around the seating position. In this way, the mini loudspeakers are approximately at the same height as the ears, which is why the sound can be perceived better and the respective details can be heard better. The centre speaker, which is responsible for reproducing the dialogue, is placed above or below the TV and also aligned with the primary listening position. If you are using a projector, you can also mount the centre speaker centrally behind the screen. For mounting the surround sound speakers themselves, there are keyhole openings and an M6 thread on the back of our MICRO speakers. In this way, you can decide for yourself whether you want to mount the surround sound speakers flush with the wall with a dowel and screw, or if you want to use our wall brackets for this purpose. From an acoustic point of view, the use of wall brackets or stands is more advantageous, as they can also be aligned with the listening position. This allows you to improve and optimise the sound in your home cinema with just a few simple steps. In principle, you can freely determine the position of the subwoofer. However, there are certain details to consider. You can find more information on this in our blog.

What do I have to pay attention to in the AV receiver settings?

Since micro loudspeakers cannot reproduce the entire audible frequency spectrum, a so-called crossover frequency must be set in the AV receiver. This determines the frequency at which the subwoofer interacts with the speakers. In a sound system with five identical surround sound devices, one value can be set for all satellite output devices. Usually, this corresponds to the lower cut-off frequency, i.e. the lowest frequency that the loudspeaker itself can reproduce. You can find this value online in the technical data of the respective speakers (see frequency range) or in the operating instructions. Above this value, the subwoofer should play along in the surround sound system, because otherwise, you would not perceive low tones in certain scenes or sequences. This is particularly relevant for music playback and for films in Dolby Digital format, for example, as the interaction of the individual components would appear inharmonious.

For which room sizes are micro loudspeakers suitable?

Most home cinema systems with micro loudspeakers can be used in rooms up to 30m². Depending on the design and power handling of the individual speakers, larger rooms can also be covered with sound.

Smaller loudspeakers: Great cinema in a small room

The gateway to an immersive home cinema experience in a compact format with great sound opens up at an extremely affordable price with the CONSONO series speakers. A 5.1 speaker set in black with four identical two-way satellites for the front and rear areas. The centre speaker with two mid-range speakers ensures clear speech reproduction. A gripping soundstage with powerful bass thanks to a separate subwoofer, consistent mids and clear highs make every film a sound hit. If you do not yet have a separate AV receiver in your household, we also offer the CONSONO satellite speakers in a set with a powerful AV receiver with an integrated Blu-ray player. The CONSONO 35 IMPAQ "5.1 Set" already includes the necessary accessories and a wirelessly controllable subwoofer. Optionally, optionally available wall brackets or stands can be used for the satellite speakers, or the speakers can be mounted directly on the wall using the keyhole opening.

Hi-FI made small - Teufel CUBCYON

The speakers of the CUBYCON series are Hi-Fi micro speakers. Actually a paradox: Hi-Fi and micro speakers? Small, but extremely chic. High-performance bass performance is provided by a powerful subwoofer. High-resolution sound - whether for home cinema, music or games - is highly detailed in the high and mid-range areas, and extremely potent in the bass area. Hardly visible, but acoustically all the more present - High End and High Definition have never been so discreetly packaged.

Using bigger speakers as satellite speakers

Music and film fans celebrate the speakers of our ULTIMA 20 SURROUND as the little sister of the ULTIMA 40 series. The pair of 2-way speakers can already reproduce good stereo sound without a subwoofer, thanks to large 165mm bass-midrange drivers. This is why these bookshelf speakers are also used in our stereo systems as satellite speakers, such as the ULTIMA KOMBO series. A powerful active subwoofer, which can be used either as a front-firing or down-firing subwoofer, and which can optionally be controlled wirelessly, supports the speakers with bass reproduction.

Up your gaming experience

If you prefer to immerse yourself in digital worlds and don't want to do without stunning surround sound and breathtaking soundscapes while gaming, you need the sound upgrade in the form of the CONCEPT E 450 DIGITAL. The digital 500-watt 5.1 power amplifier integrated in the active subwoofer delivers the necessary power to put even the most powerful speakers in their place. With up to 113 dB of sound pressure, this set can facilitate rousing sessions in larger rooms, with the subwoofer's 300mm woofer cutting down to a whopping 32Hz cut-off frequency. The intuitive display on the front of the subwoofer allows you to make changes to the basic settings and adjust the subwoofer level, and the wireless remote control lets you conveniently control the volume as well as change sources. The integrated software automatically detects stereo, DTS and Dolby Digital signals and can optionally play Dolby Pro Logic II (stereo upmix) when stereo signals are present. Thanks to the separate optical digital input, you can connect almost anything that makes a gamer's heart beat faster to this all-rounder: PS4, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, TV, DVD player, Blu-ray player, smartphone, PC, MAC, notebook, MP3 player or CD player. Wii and Wii U can be connected via an externally available adapter and, of course, Bluetooth is integrated for wireless control.

More on the agenda

We also offer high-quality complete home cinema systems with matching AV receivers, projectors, satellite speakers for Dolby Atmos signals and matching cable sets.

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